Friday, September 13, 2013

Demonstrative Pronouns

I cancelled our Poetry Tea Time because those who would be in attendance would be going to the "Not Back To School" Carnival. The carnival was originally scheduled on Tuesday, but the weather was in the upper nineties and nobody wants to be outside in that type of heat.

I highly recommend the First Language Lessons workbooks for those who have followed the Montessori Language Lessons. They are a perfect follow up for us and it has encouraged them to apply their knowledge using pencil and paper. We still have a ways to go before we complete the Montessori language sequence, but for now I love how it keeps them jumping out their chair(literally). I was going to start using this program last year but I was afraid of introducing lessons to them that they had not had yet through the use of a work book.

Ken was excited to do the lesson on Demonstrative Pronouns because it kept her physically active, looking for items in the classroom.

Ken is working out of Level 4 workbook and DJ is working out of Level 3. This year is the first time that they have been getting separate lessons from me. They still pay close attention to each other and join in. Like the time when DJ had to stand up and sit down while I read Common/Proper Nouns aloud. I don't think they will ever forget their new found rules,and much of their success is due to their Montessori language experiences. I can't wait until they see how well they can do sentence diagramming it's coming up in a couple more lessons.

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