Monday, September 16, 2013

Research Mini Lesson: Chewing Gum

Today the kids and I did our first mini lesson on writing a report. Yes they have written a million reports, but it was time for me to show them how to polish those skills.

Our first topic is Chewing Gum

The first step was introducing the Topic which was easy peasy to for them to identify.

The next step was identifying subtopics, which I don't think either of them have ever been taught before. I asked them what did they want to know about chewing gum. Then we made a list and was able to come up with three subtopics.


We went on and read some information about Chewing Gum which helped them learn to take notes and identify sources for their research topic.


They really enjoyed telling me the information that belonged under each subtopic as I modeled how to take notes, and letting me know that this information is from Source A.


 Today's lesson ended with me assigning them some research work related to our topic and they are responsible for finding Source 2. We will come back to this lesson on Friday.

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