Monday, September 9, 2013

School Update

Last Tuesday we got back to our school rhythm! Since last week was such a short week for us, we only started back with the basics which is reading, writing(Ken), grammar, mathematics, and philosophy. This week we plan on adding in our geography studies which is covering the Biomes of the World, Latin, and our mini guided research lessons that I am so excited about implementing this year. Next week we add in our history and science lessons.

Right now I think I found the perfect language lessons, and math works for the kiddos, especially since all they care about are rules, rules, rules! It is such a sound to hear them rattling off thinks like "change the y to I, and add es". Yes they knew how to change singular nouns to plural nouns, but it just knocks their pants off to able to memorize these things. They are all into knowing the how's and why's to all things right now.

It may be hard to see in the picture, but one day DJ decided to copy the rules of a math assignment, and  ever since then that is what he has been doing. 

Also they are tackling math projects that involves a literature component.

 I'll share more when they finish their projects, the above book goes along with DJ's.

We took a walk across a open field that is across from the Studio and DJ found this turtle that went right along with his project, he is in heaven!                                                                      
I am so happy with First Language Lessons, it was just perfect timing for these two rule loving kids.


Ken is really loving Brave Writer! We are hosting a weekly Poetry Tea Time at the Studio every Thursday which is just perfect for all three of the kids. I can't wait to share more! Our first Tea Time will be this Thursday and I have a bunch of activities that involve one of my favorite ballad poems "Jabberwocky". I do believe that  this day will be the highlight of our week. The books are their current reading selection, and there was no way DJ was going to pass up reading about Houdini. Actually they are reading a lot more these days, beyond our required reading times.

I finally found a perfect book to guide our Philosophy studies and we are also loving this too. Our question that we started with last week and continue to explore is Are you a fair and just person? This has us learning more from Plato and about him.

We are adding in extra classes this year that they have yet to decided on that are offered on Tuesdays for homeschoolers at a community center.

But for now all three of them have been keeping the foot on the pedal of the sewing machine.


Michelle started 10th grade! We are so excited about her taking driving lessons this fall/winter, especially since it takes two hours per day to get her to school.

Well we are organized and ready to bring on this new school season! How are things going for your children at home or at school?


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