Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hands On Lending Library: Sound Bingo

My organization skills are just horrible! I have slowly been getting things organized from operating a preschool/daycare in our basement for over ten years. Along the way I have found lots of buried treasures. Every time I spend time organizing all the materials, I ask myself why didn't someone stop me from buying all of this stuff. Some days it is a bit overwhelming to even think about. Since I am still in a setting involving children I don't really want to part with it, because as soon as I sell it or give it away I''ll see something on Pinterest that will inspire some work from it. LOL. So I have been preparing a Hands On Lending Library which would allow families to borrow learning materials.

Sound Bingo was a hit today during Primary class, it was an item that I am sure I purchased 10 years ago. You know it is a classic when it still gets children excited ten years later. This is a learning material that I will be adding to our Hands On Lending Library, which keeps my basement almost clutter free and allows the child to enjoy it in the pleasures of their home, and also makes me feel less like a hoarder :)


I don't even know if they make these tape players anymore, but I did a happy dance when I found them together.

I do have the pleasure of working alongside a few children that I worked with at home. We just couldn't go our separate ways!

Maddux was pleased to be able to give a new child a lesson with the Sound Cylinders. He felt proud and he should of because he knocked it out of the ballpark ya'll! What I liked most is that he made a connection to the Sound Bingo game and the Sound Cylinders.

 Can you tell that she is clapping for him? This is why I love what I do! She happens to have very sharp ears, and she happens to be older than him. But she is such a sweet student to her Teacher Maddux.

As soon as the Sound Cylinders are no longer needed on our shelves it will be available in the Lending Library too. Montessori for All!!






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