Monday, September 9, 2013

Taking Back Our Blog!

Since I no longer do any reviews on this blog I am going back to the original focus of this journal and that is to chronicle our journey as we become life long learners.

I also want to be honest and share how much comments have affected me in the past. When I received comments I thought well that must of been a good post, and if I didn't well that must of been a bad post. So to get back to the heart and soul of all of this I have decided for now to not allow comments on this blog.

I really want to share and record our journey as it is without me thinking what others's feel. I hope you understand and I pray that I am explaining this right! I am looking forward to having a pressure free blog which means I also won't be participating in any linkys only as a member of a group that I am a part of. .

 I may be sharing more real to home post here and it will make me feel more free to express myself if the comments are turned off.

Here's to a new school year which starts another chapter in our lives, which means more blogging and less pressure.

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