Monday, September 16, 2013

That Big Scary E-Word (Evolution)

For months I have been pondering how to teach Evolution as a theory to the kids. It seemed to be an impossible task for me. Whenever I sat to think out a plan it turned out to be bias, or religious. Then I came across Real Science Biology 2 and I thought o.k we will do it this way. The problem still remained that I have been pushing this topic aside for way too long as far as the kids are concerned. Real Science Biology 2 doesn't get into evolution until much later in the year.

This weekend prayers were answered when I remembered to check out Core Knowledge lesson plans. It is such a perfect plan that I am so pleased to have found for FREE. 
I used to use their plans on a regular basis before I found the Montessori Method. I don't know why I stopped using them, because they are a great source of inspiration. I do use the books What your_____ needs to Know as a guide and they always have been helpful in linking those learning gaps that happen even when I tried to avoid it. 


Just in case anyone is interested we are using the seventh grade plan That Big Scary E-Word (Evolution). I choose this particular plan because it stuck to teaching evolution as a theory. Score! I am in no way shape of form a very religious person, one thing that I always loved about my parents who are very religious is that they instilled my love for God, but never forced me to worship their way, and never prevented me from learning about other religions, or theories. This was very important to me in teaching the kids about evolution. Just because I don't believe in the theory of The Big Bang doesn't mean that it shouldn't be taught. It is a theory! And since I am raising scientist it must be taught!

And we will continue to roll out of our Timeline of Life.


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  1. I will have to look this up. I have pushed it aside for far to long too.
    Blessings, Dawn


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