Friday, October 28, 2011

A Boy And A Lesson Plan

DJ has been really enjoying his new reading book Sign Of The Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. He is now into the book where Matt the twelve year old White boy befriends a younger Indian boy named Attean. Now Atteans' father asks Matt if he could teach Attean to read. Attean is reluctant to learn the "White Man's language" so Matt has to come up with different ways to gain Atteans' interest in learning how to read.

Moving Beyond The Page the curriculum that we also use suggest different activities to do while reading the book. The activities are chosen chapter by chapter. One activity that DJ chose was to create a lesson plan to teach someone how to learn the letters abc.

                                                               The Lesson Plan

                                                         Preparing materials needed


  DJ started his lesson by presenting the sandpaper letter a to the preschoolers.

 This is DJ explaining to his students how they are to complete their seat work.

Helping the children with their lesson with Ken as his teachers' assistant.

  I loved that DJ offered encouraging words along the way, and received a few high fives from his amazing students.

Here is an example of what one of his students accomplished from his lesson.

 This activity turned out better than expected. I thought DJ was just going to complete the written activity, he made this work his own by actually putting his lesson plan in action!! Maybe a future educator in the making:)




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