Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Place Value Work

Ken has declared math one of her favorite subjects!! If you only knew what this meant the world would be clapping for this girl. Ken is still struggling a bit with place value so I set up a few works to help with understanding that will eventually lead to mastery. This work I hope will continue to boost her self esteem in the area and keep motivating her to want to learn more math since this is the subject area that she struggles most with.

 This work came straight from a mini bullentin board set. Ken will place the cards in groups of millions, thousands, and units.  Ken will use the number cards to build a number.

                  This is another build a number work.

                                       A close up of the board.

 With this work I also have a recording sheet available that will allow her to monitor her understanding of the work. I apologize for not being able to link back to the original source. I usually add the blog or source to my favorites list so I can be able to track back to the source. If you know who shared this please let me know so I can link back. If this is your work I apologize and I will link back.

 I am linking this post to Math Monday hosted by love2learn2day.                                                          

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