Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wheres' A Spider When You Need One?

Doing this homeschooling thing with my kids is working out really fine. I thought it would be cool to start doing Nature Studies. Since we are exploring pattens in nature looking for Fibonnaci Numbers I thought it would be cool to investigate Spider Webs. I  just knew it was perfect timing when I found this Spider Web Frame for just $5.00 at Toys R' Us.

                                           Location #1

                                        Location #2


 Everywhere around the frame there are spider webs, no matter where I move  it I can't get a spider to spin a web on this thing! So I am hoping that maybe one of you expert homeschooling families can help us out.

What Am I Doing Wrong? Just think there are kids observing this everyday and there is nothing happening (no pressure:)                                                                      


  1. No scientific advice, but it seems spiders always put webs where you DON'T want them, like in a doorway, a stairwell, somewhere where you are going to walk into it. We just found a gorgeous one at the top of our deck stairs. HUGE! Glad I noticed it or I would have been wearing it.

    I've never heard of a spider web frame....would love to see if it works.

  2. MommaMindy, thank you for sharing!!

  3. I always find them in the basement...

  4. I guess spiders will spin webs where there is a lot of insect traffic.I have seen similar frames that are mounted on poles and stuck in flowerbeds/lawns. There are probably not as many flies flying close to the wall. Maybe you could try putting the frame in a more open area, or hanging it from a tree.


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