Thursday, October 6, 2011

Living/Non-Living/Once Living

DJ and Ken had fun today doing a scavenger hunt looking for living/non-living/once living items. It is an introduction lesson to some of our cultural works. What I liked about doing this was I was able to see if they knew about once living things. Let me just tell you we will be working on answering  Where do things come from? This work was easy to put together because I used one of my favorite resources Montessori for Everyone. The work came with three charts explaining the concepts of Living/Non-living/Once Living and along with the three charts each has a go along activity card.

Here are the close up of the objects they found on their hunt around the house.                                                                             


                                            Once Living

What I liked most is that this activity inspired them to think even deeper. DJ started an extension activity creating Living/Non-living/Once living booklets. Ken went on to answer the questions on the activity card.                                                                            

I am linking this post to Science Sunday hosted by Adventures In Mommydom.                                                                                              


  1. Your room looks like it has lots of shelf space!

  2. Who knew that nearly 2 years later this post would be what I was looking for :). BTW, the file is from Montessori for Everyone. Took me a bit to find it. Thanks for recommending it, though!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I use both of these places so much that sometimes I forget which work cam from which place.

      I am glad that this post was able to help you. The kids had a lot of fun with this work.


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