Saturday, October 22, 2011

Snapshots Of Our Week: October 17- October 21,2011

Another wonderful week of homeschooling. Here are some snapshots of what the kids were up to this past week.

 Using the dictionary to define words that will be introduced in the book "Sign Of The Beaver".

  The Six Kingdoms chart with card work. I puchased this as a download from Montessori For Everyone.

                                                   Organizing body parts

         Coloring, sorting body parts according to what body system it belongs to.

 Ken made this felt map of the world. I think she did a fantastic job!! Ken use the puzzle pieces from The Continent Map puzzle to make the continent shapes. Ken has really accepted the responsibility of being the oldest in our classroom setting.

  Labeling the countries where the "Children Of The World" are from. This work will be used with the map she made. More to come about this work in another post.

                        Multiplication bead board                                                                                                                           

 Loving place value work. I call out the number and then DJ would record the number onto the board.

                   Making a three sided cat with the serious sandbox.

                                                      Skittles Math

                                                   Measuring angles

I finally found a homeschool group that meets at a library every third Monday of the month. This week the children did and watched some weather related science experiments. DJ was very happy to be there.  Ken on the other hand was once again the oldest and unfortunately there was a big peer gap here for her, so she was happy, but not as happy as DJ. The activities were geared more towards prekindergarten through first grade.

 Kens really enjoys making jewelry during what she considers break time.

 I put together an Art shelf for them. I put glow in the dark paints on the shelf.  They had a blast making mask with them. I was going to include a picture of it, but it looks completely empty now. I guess you can say that this shelf was a success. I will post about it as soon as I stock it back up this weekend.

 I will be linking this post to Monday Monday hosted by Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder. If you pop over there you will find a wonderful linky filled with great activities inspired by the montessori method.                                                                                 



  1. I am thrilled! You have so many great activities :)


  2. Thank you so much Leptir!!

  3. School definitely looks fun at your house!

  4. Fabulous activities!!! Her felt map is great!

    I love the last picture with the mask too!


  5. Thank you ladies for visiting us. I really enjoy really these wonderful compliments. thank you again!

  6. It's always inspirational to see the great work your kids are doing. And I LOVE Ken's material making! So glad you're linked up with Montessori Monday! :) Deb @

  7. I really love the felt world map & children of the world. Fun activities.
    I'd love for you to come link up at my Linky Party -


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