Tuesday, October 18, 2011


DJ's  new reading  book "Sign Of The Beaver" called for us to make some Johnnycakes. The book takes place in Maine in 1768. The book tells of a story of a boy who is left by his father to care for the cabin that the both of them built while the father goes back to get his mother and sister to live with them on their new land. The adventures that Matt encounters has us begging for more. So far we have read three chapters and now Matt is all alone, remembering his fathers instructions and becoming a bit lonely. One thing Matt missed was Johnnycakes that he father made so well.

I never heard of Johnnycakes until now. Luckily our curriculum Moving Beyond The Page included the recipe so that we can have a taste of the life and times in Maine,1768.







 Our Johnnycakes tasted like sweet cornbread. Ken and I liked the Johnnycake and DJ did not. The recipe will be filed in our school recipe book.


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