Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Of Our Work In Pictures: Montessori Monday

Finally!! I was able to take some pictures of Ken and DJ during their independent work time this past week.

                             Counting petals on the flower to find a Fibonacci number.

 Working with the Fibonacci Board. They both loved doing this work a lot, more extensions to come.

                           Working on a Book of Fibonacci numbers.

                                              Roman Numerals work.

 Calculating the Fibonacci sequence. Did I say how much they are really loving this math theme?

Setting up in hopes to see Brine Shrimp hatch.              

         Doing some Science reading and writing together.

      Investigating an egg to compare its' parts to the parts of a Cell.

                          Ken working on her Poetry unit.

 DJ completed the Magic Treehouse chapter book and Ken completed the American Girl book. Each day they read with me using the I read a page, then you read a page method. I read with both of them individually for at least an half an hour a day. This week DJ will be receiving a more challenging book to read with lots of language activities. Ken will be finishing up her poetry unit and will complete a final project on this unit.

        DJ can't keep a football out of his hands nowadays.
 So I decided that we needed to include going to a football game for some Fall Fun. This game was at our neighborhood high school. We had a blast!! 
  The kids also got their sugar fix on making these candy cookies.

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  1. I love how focused they are on their Fibonacci numbers! Personally, I struggled with math a great deal - until I went to Montessori training! It's amazing how much hands on, real life work with concrete materials can bring it to life. I love seeing what your children are doing!

  2. It's always so much fun to see your children's work each week! The Fibonacci work is wonderful - and I loved hearing how you read with your children each day. I'm so glad you're linked up with Montessori Monday! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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