Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beginning Sewing

My sister in love who is visiting from Hawaii taught DJ how make a bobbin, thread the machine, and basic sewing skills.


He fell in love with sewing instantly as soon as his foot pushed the pedal.


  1. I so wish more boys (and girls!) were taught sewing in the US. Here in Europe it is taught more, esp. in the central/northern countries like Germany and Scandinavia and more socially acceptable. My son is learning to knit and loves the challenge, but I am always concerned about what might be said to him about it in the US. Good for you encouraging DJ to learn this basic life skill!!

  2. Thank you, Sheila! I can understand your concern. It is unfortunate that so many stereotypes exist. I did have to remind my children about the famous men designers, this totally changed DJ's perspective and hopefully my girls too. I guess one child at a time and we can change these stereotypes that have no place in our society, especially in the U.S.


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