Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things On My to do List for the Week of June 24, 2013

I am not really a list maker kinda gal, except if you are talking about a Grocery List. Which reminds me to ask you guys this question. Have you noticed the cost of food going up? Gas is at it's all time low (exaggerating a bit) at $3.85/gallon, last week it was $4.29. With a family of four it has caused us to eat out a lot more often (maybe just an excuse:). Seriously, a pot of spaghetti cost me $22.00 last week. Talk about a poor man's meal, right? Anyways, one of the ways I like to keep myself accountable is through this blog, and as always your feedback is welcomed.

The list is not organized in a way to prioritize, but just keep me ahead of the preparations of our schooling that I can foresee ahead.

  1.  Make a binder full of map outlines using the resource that I reviewed here. This way the kids aren't scrambling to look for maps of countries that they would like to label. In protective covering it will have the map already labeled and copies without labels that they could just use to label the maps for practice or for fun. The maps also come with directions for the child to use as a guide to label the map according to their ability.
  2. Purchase Math elementary/upper elementary album from Keys of the Universe. I have been using albums that are free, or pages that have been emailed to me. This isn't going to work for us this year. They are deschooled, and ready for the real deal. I believe I read a comment or blog somewhere that someone said in order to know if Montessori is right for your children you have to stick it out for three years. Well we are into our third year, and it is working for us. So now I am ready and willing to purchase albums. Before we also used Montessori Print Shop's album's, don't let the word Primary scare you. There was plenty my kids benefited from these albums, especially since I was very new to teaching Elementary Montessori. On another note I am really getting bothered by the labels of Primary/Elementary/ Upper Elementary it is confusing and I just rather stick with identifying where my children are at the given moment, and Yes they are all over the place and I love it! Anyways most of the Albums that are available to purchase have a Table of Contents, and a sample page. I am going with Keys of the Universe because I fell in love with her Primary Theory Album that she so kindly allowed me to review, that has resulted in me not really liking the Montessori training that I am receiving, maybe one day we can talk about this! Again it is a elementary/upper elementary album and I don't foresee my children completing this cycle until they are 14/15, and if they do then Rock On! I plan on buying the other albums as well, just one at a time so it doesn't feel like I am spending a lot of money at once. In Jessica's  defense the Albums are more affordable than others available.
  3. Purchase Asia Map puzzle. Anyone selling theirs?
  4. Make Asia Continent Folder
  5. Read something for fun, besides blogs:) that is age appropriate. Last week I reread Superfudge, too funny. Maybe I won't add age appropriate because I did get things that I didn't get when I was eight years old reading the book. 
  6. Do some research work to start up a Zoology Club requested by DJ.
Just six things and if I am able to accomplish everything on my weekly to do list I will be happy, happy, happy! I challenge myself that whatever I do not complete has to go on the list the following week that I will share with you guys here.  I am praying that our school time is not limited to my lack of planning.

Do you have a To Do List? If not how do you keep on track and organized? I really would like to know, please share in the comments!

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  1. I'd never heard the 3 year idea, very interesting! Looking forward to your Asia folders. We are moving on to the US since we finally got through North America. Asia will be awhile :)


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