Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up:Summer Learning Week 3

It is always a good week when it starts out with a trip to the Nature Center!

In Maths Ken has been working on Prime Numbers. It was revealed in our reading of the Number Devil that this was a weak area, which was probably the culprit behind her being so challenged when learning long division. I came across some fun ways to review prime numbers and we have been doing the activities. I am so glad that this was identified before we got knee deep into fractions(coming in Fall, finally due to my procrastination). DJ is doing well in the math department. He is getting a kick out the interaction of the two siblings in the Lemonade War, and I am getting a good laugh during our readings. There are some neat tricks going on in this book about promoting a Lemonade Stand. I highly recommend this book to those who are reading chapter books third grade and up. DJ loves the bold, and large print especially since just completing the Jungle Book. This book has also been giving him some division practice. 
DJ also has been learning physics and engineering the unschooled way by constructing roller coasters inspired by his first trip to the Amusement Park. I really admire the way he made this event into an educational experience. Did you know that there are actual classes for teaching physics, math, and engineering using the Amusement Park as a model? I didn't know until I was talking to my Aunt who teaches at Rutgers University about DJ's interest and she told me she is leading a group of high schoolers doing exactly what DJ is doing. Their parents are paying top dollar for this camp. Thank you DJ for following your passion! There is no way I could afford a camp like this! Another thing that we have been doing that he had no idea that I was sneaking in some learning is that we all have been timing traffic lights. He made the connection and is now trying to figure out if he can use his Lego NXT computer brick with his roller coaster. The idea for timing traffic lights was a concept shared with me by my Aunt. 

As far as My To Do List goes from last week, it is now the list I didn't do. I am going to stay accountable and get it done. I have great plans to relax while working next holiday week. That last sentence may not make sense, but I love doing homeschooling things especially when I can just focus on just that.

In Latin we learned more about Consonants and Diphthongs, they were happy to know that this lesson had stuck in their memory. DJ finally finished writing a letter to his pen pal.  Michelle did some Art Journaling.

We have three copies of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. So Michelle used one of the books to take some pages out to use as the writing for her next entry.

Michelle also had fun learning about animation too.

Ken is becoming quite a teacher. When she saw a group of elementary boys(DJ included) getting a bit antsy she redirected them by asking them if they would like to paint. She used a lesson that she saw me practice. Using a sharpie the child creates dots then connects them however they like, and then paints it. This lesson is from the book Art Labs which is geared towards ages 3-6 years old. The boys still loved it though, and responded graciously to her directions.

DJ has made a new friend! These two boys really treat each other like they known each other since birth. His new friend's father works in the same building as us. Recently he has come to work everyday with his dad and makes his way into the Studio in the afternoon. They both are madly in love with animals!

Ken made some colored salt using chalk.

We said good bye to our Lady Painted butterflies. Then found out how hard it is for the Monarch Butterfly to survive migration. Our Monarch butterfly died, but before it passed away it laid eggs. With diligent work in learning more about raising Monarch butterflies we may be blessed again to witness this miracle. Also all of the leaves that the Monarch ate as a caterpillar are growing back. Nature is so full of miracles!  I haven't downloaded the pictures of the eggs and the milkweed plant yet, but I do plan to share them.

In our history readings we covered the origin of language while learning more about the Phoenicians, how the first tools were made with references about Troy and the Odyssey. Which led us to another question Are the Gods and Goddesses real? which led our history readings to be continued.....  until research is conducted to find the answer to the question. I don't know if we are ever going to stop studying the ancients. LOL.

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  1. I would agree that it is a good week that starts out with a trip to a nature center. Your math program is so strong. It is quite impressive. I love the art journaling page and Quentin is looking forward to the letter. Learning all the variety of animation, is so wonderful. Add in a little good friends and nature and it equals a fantastic week.


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