Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hunting for Caterpillars and Other Things

We managed to go to the Nature Center yesterday. We were looking for caterpillars and butterflies, too many mosquitoes to look for anything else. Well except for DJ, he is always looking for tadpoles or frogs.

I printed off a Caterpillar Hunt sheet from Nature Detectives and a hunting they went.


We didn't find any caterpillars, but we had a lot of fun looking for them.

There were so many mosquitoes out, even with insect repellent on we got bit. It was hot and I was glad that we took this trip early in the morning. The kids were ready to appreciate the feeling of an air conditioned room and tackled some learning as well.

DJ had to have his own chapter math book just like Ken so we started reading The Lemonade War.

 DJ loves a good competition so I am sure this book will hold his attention.

Ken having fun with palindromes while reading The Number Devil.

Michelle spent a lot of time face painting and tried her hand at directing a play with DJ and a new friend.

There were some puppet shows too, very original I must say.




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