Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Weekly Wrap Up: Summer Learning Week 1

I have officially nominated this week's learning Review Week (especially with the Montessori math materials), probably next week's learning will look the same.


In Math Ken needed me to give her another introduction presentation with the Checkerboard. I am glad that it was her that said "if you don't use it, you may lose it", it let's me know that some things that I say they are listening to. LOL. In her defense the materials were not accessible to them for about a month. Never again will I put them away, to make my life easier for the moment. On one hand I am glad that we are not slaves so to speak to the materials, but if you need them and have them you should be using them:)

DJ and I spent a lot of time with the Large Bead Frame I think he remembers now(fingers crossed). He asked if I could show him something new with the Stamp Game, luckily I had some equations using the distributive property. He absolutely loves this work, and I was pleased because in reality I was flying by the seat of my pants this week.  Our Summer goal for math is to focus on Geometry and Operations.            

We have been reading a lot! DJ is just about done reading the Jungle Book and Ken and I are still reading Grimm's Fairy Tales. We have replaced Montessori Grammar materials for now with our new Latin Program that we were able to review, you can learn more about this curriculum tomorrow when I share our review. The work above is Michelle doing some Latin work of her own.

In our cultural subjects they have been learning more about how to forecast the weather.
DJ did this canvas painting of the Parts of the Frog. The art supplies have been used a lot! I appreciate their use and didn't realize how much they enjoyed Art until now. There was no down time, just only when we made trips to the park if  you can consider that as down time.
Ken spent quite a bit of time using fashion plates to create some fashion designs for her her latest project.
DJ tried wood burning for the first time now he is hooked!
                  Microscope work.
                  Lego building.
They left United States History and went back to Africa. DJ did the King Tut tracing, and Ken did the Animals of Africa work.

They have done a ton of research finding names of host plants to butterflies. Which reminds me that I need to  print the parts of the caterpillar that Ken requested. 

All of the kiddos have done a tremendous job introducing new children to the environment and setting great examples, plus helping me out with chores at the Studio and at home. In the Summer we don't do "school" on Friday and this helps me to keep organized, do a bit of planning. For the kids they feel like they are free to explore. I wonder what they are going to do tomorrow.

I would like everyone to know that I appreciate all the supportive comments you have left here, on the other blog, and on Facebook. Well I am on my way to read some blogs that I have missed. I am down to just three more must do tasks and then let the summer begin! 

Well enough about us! How has your Summer been? Any vacations planned? Please share with me in the comments.

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  1. Wow. What an impressive week. I love the depth and breadth of your school and I love the enthusiasm of your students. Your examples of your school are wonderful to see. Thank you especially for showing the Montessori Materials. They are quite interesting. I wish I had had you as a teacher. The King Tut picture is incredible. You know my boys might like woodburning, too. I think I will get that out.

  2. Awwww, Phyliss! You make me want to get in the car and drive to your house so I can give you a hug. Your too sweet, your truly my teacher.

  3. The depth and breadth of your kids' work amazes me, too. They are building such an incredible foundation for a life as active learners and amazing creators. The studio looks amazing. I'd really love to hear the details on how you vision for the project evolved to get you to where you are now. The concept is brilliant!

  4. Thank you so much,Melissa! Your comments always make me smile.

  5. Hey there! The kids really warm my heart in this post. Such great attitudes!

    How did DJ come to be looking at a mouth swap under the microscope and draw a mouth smear. I'd love to know what path led him to that work.

    1. I am trying to become a better blogger and add more details in to the postings. Your comment just helped me come up with another post. I'll share more soon.

  6. Hi there, Sorry to write this in your comments, but I couldn't find an e-mail address for you. I'm doing a post on my favorite Montessori blogs and want to highlight your two blogs. Can I use a picture to put with the link? And if so, is there a particular one that you want me to use? My e-mail is: sheilaingermany "at" Thanks!

    1. It would be my pleasure ! Thank you for asking. Pick your favorite photo and surprise me:) My email address is Sorry I forgot to add this when I changed the blog template that I am still working on.

  7. I have always wished for a deeper understanding of Montessori materials and methods (and deeper pockets for the lovely materials *wink*). I always view your posts with awe and usually wish that I could join in with your kids. I know my boy would LOVE to learn there.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    (Oh, and we're off for a "stay"cation weekend at my parents' house. We'll swim in their pool, take Robbie to their tiny town's new splash pad, hang out with my bff since childhood and her kids, go to a wild and crazy party (my niece's 4th and enjoy a family BBQ for Fathers Day. I'm very excited.. and it only costs us gas money!!)

    1. Sounds like a lot of fun Jennifer! I have three kids who would like to tag along, I'll chip in on the gas. LOL.

      By the way in our parts of the world gas is $4.56 a gallon, I ran out of gas last week, trying to have my own boycott. It wasn't a successful boycott at all!


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