Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! Last Minute Gift Ideas

The kids on Friday spent their day making various gifts for their Grandfather, Great Grandfather and Father. You won't see any gifts that they made for their father because they have sent it to him and just in case he reads this post they want it to be a surprise.

Ken hand sewed a wallet for Gramps, using the style of how I make wallets for three part cards. 

 Wood burning done by DJ.

                  Block painting.

Using Legos, superglue, and watercolors DJ created a canvas art.

 Michelle used a manikin and made a superhero and then wrote "My Superhero".                        

Using fabric,felt letters,and glue Ken made a banner.

These are all of their ideas and I had fun watching their work unfold.

Happy Father's Day!


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