Monday, June 17, 2013

Using Pots to Piece History Together

This summer I am really working hard to incorporate activities that we didn't get to either because we were doing something else, or the activity got pushed aside. This summer we decided to read " A Little History of The World" By E.H. Gombrich from cover to cover. Usually we take pit stops along the way and use other history readings alongside, but this time we are just using one book for our adventures in history.

We went outside to begin an activity that I have seen all over blog land. They had fun breaking a small pot into pieces to feel just like an Archaeologist, digging for remains of history so it can be pieced together to tell the story. 
They really enjoyed breaking those pots into pieces! 
After the pots were broken we went back inside to read the first chapter again in the book. This activity definitely lends itself to great questions and focused attention while listening to me read.

They used clay to adhere the pieces back. This activity has proven to be a close as we can get to actually going out on an Archaeological Dig with the resources that we have. They are still working on the remains and I will share with you the results when they are finished.

I will be linking this post to this week's Geography/ History Meme hosted by All Things Beautiful.



  1. Very cool! I thought about letting Robbie do the smashing, but I was a bit nervous about how difficult it would be to piece together dust particles. ;)

  2. I love this activity. I think we will do this one this coming year.


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