Thursday, February 7, 2013


In regards to Long Division Ken has gone from concrete to Abstract!!

No Materials, Whatsoever:) She randomly picked problems from a workbook page and showed me what she had done. This my friends is what I like about the kids setting their own goals. Although Ken is 11 and has accomplished this task on her own timetable with just a few bad frustrating teaching days from me. I have to admit I was going to have to send her to Long Division Boot Camp, then I decided to just leave it alone. I am so glad I did! Ken still wants to do Math and I know that is my ultimate goal to see learning as a way of life and somethings may come easier to us then other things.. Good for Ken for not avoiding Math!!

The little brother felt Ken's strong sense of accomplishment and quickly ran for the Division Charts!!

 I guess cold weather keeps people away from here! Only a few showed up today and Janessa is one of them that is missing in action.

Janessa and I are about to start a review of a math product that I certainly feel compliments Montessori Math and I think this worksheet loving kiddo is going to have a blast with it. I mention worksheets because it does involve some pencil to paper, but it comes with  a whole lot of manipulatives. Of course I'll share more as we go along and a full review of the product when the review period is over.
In the meantime I put together a Valentine Counting Book with Janessa in mind from a Freebie available from MRS. RICCA'S KINDERGARTEN. Originally it is for a Count the Room activity, but I thought it would go over well here as a booklet.  Janessa is so into all of the Valentines work available.

 It comes with a recording sheet and the pages to tape on the wall for the child to find and then count the objects.
 I put the pictures of the objects in numerical order and then added the page number to the corner that may be used as a control of error by the child.

Math is alive around these parts! I hope it stays around forever.  

Were celebrating Michelle's birthday today, she is officially 15 years old!! We'll be cutting the cake at Pizza Hut , she loves their pizza.

Happy Schooling!!                                                                                                                            


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