Sunday, February 24, 2013

DJ''s Newest Learning Tool

It is going to be a big change when we start schooling outside of the home, especially for me. You can just imagine how comfortable it has been to just get up to go to work in the basement:) I haven't had to travel to work in over ten years!! One of the things that I have been doing to prepare for the new change is to get myself up earlier so I can get use to the new schedule. The kids are morning people and are use to me being their alarm clock, it is working but I can't see why we can't incorporate a little independence and ownership of the Wake Up routine.

 I am so happy that DJ is fond of his new alarm clock. He found this clock in Target for just $4.00 and everyday last week he awoke happy and all by himself. It is a simple one and just what we needed!!                                                                        


  1. Lots of change coming your way. I love the over size clock.

  2. Oh that WILL be a big change! You'll get your basement back, too! :)

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  4. That clock is cute! Change is good in a way! Have fun!


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