Monday, February 4, 2013

Daily Report: The Nile River

There is a beautiful kind of snow going on in our neck of the woods today. It is rather calming and not as cold as it has been. There is one thing that is trying to make it rather difficult for me to focus, but I let it go and will take care of it this evening. Now, if it was Summer it wouldn't really be an issue at all, but it is Winter. My driver's side window went off track and won't roll back up. It is an automatic and if anybody has any tricks up their sleeves I would really like to hear it. My fingers are frozen! Luckily Michelle didn't have to go to the Academy today and it is such a quick ride from the elementary school where I pick up Z and Mumble that they really didn't notice. 

School went smoothly since I decided to put off making any calls about the window until later. They started off with Bible Study.

They aren't having any trouble memorizing their verses, but understanding the five steps that God created Mankind in seems to be a little difficult to remember.

They learned the names of the bodies of water in Africa. They know that Lake Victoria is the largest and the Nile River is the longest. Which led us to discuss the parts of the river. We got hands on with this and made our own Nile River. I seen this work on a lot of blogs and on Pinterest, I think the original idea is from the Story of The World's Volume 1 Activity guide. We used Cat grass instead of growing our own, it was a fun and perfect project to inspire learning about the Nile River and land forms.

 The Cat grass offered a wonderful sensorial experience as well.

 They used one of the mountains that they made for the source.
 And of course the Nile River isn't complete without a crocodile.
 Janessa learned more about animals in Africa and why they may have patterns(camouflaging).

Ken worked on spelling words with OR and DJ wrote more in his science fiction story.

 Janessa read her sight word book AGAIN and AGAIN!! She loves this book. Janessa also wrote some 'an" words. Right now she rather write than use the Moveable Alphabet.  We also did a lesson in Write Shop.    

  More division and multiplication work from DJ and Ken.

 Last week I gave Janessa a presentation with the Numbers Rods doing addition apparently she understands this concept. Today she made an equation with the numbers beside the Number Rods!!. I think this is a perfect example of how it works well when a child is ready for the lesson.

Janessa also worked with the Tally Marks tray.

        Here is a snapshot of Michelle's learning.    

                            Project time was busy! 




  1. Whew! I am tired just reading about all those activities. You accomplish as much in one day that I do in a whole week. I love the Nile river!

  2. SOOO much fun. That crocodile looks super real. Do you have a live miniature crocodile in your current menagerie? GREAT work!

  3. Alright, I'm pretty much sold on the Bible curriculum! Love the river, you did a great job!


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