Friday, February 1, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Winter Week 5


  In our homeschool this week…
we have had a lot of fun learning despite not being able to go outside. I witnessed the effects of not getting proper time to just run free when DJ out of the blew during our work period started running in circles. All I could do was just laugh because I totally understood. 

 My favorite thing this week was… 
hearing the kids read The Egypt Game with great expression. I guess it is safe to say that they really, really like this book. One of their favorite things was switching reading our book from first thing in the morning to just before bedtime.
 Playing a math game called Speed, I'll be sharing a lot more about this game at a later date.             
I'm praying for....
Janessa's family to fully recover from illnesses. Janessa's mother is ill and she is a mother of 5, who is also my assistant(isn't she brave:) I miss their family's giggles, inspiration and help.

I'm grateful....
that my children really do understand the rules of safety and responsibility that comes with operating a preschool in our home. Without them I wouldn't of made it this week, their support and flexibility will surely reward them one day. I can't forget to be grateful for snow days, it made Monday easy peasy for me.
                   This work is available at Montessori for Everyone.
I'm cooking....
hamburgers and french fries and making a chef salad for good measure tonight. It is the kids favorite meal, this is my way of thanking them for their help. I am also going to throw in a surprise Root Beer float, even though it is freezing outside. Trust me they are going to still eat it!!

 They used a free printable from Montessori for Everyone to make their food pyramid.                                         

Things I'm working on....
I am trying to finish up my scrapbook page for my Montessori Teacher Training, and proofread some assignments that are due in a month. I still haven't gotten our Bible Study Maps and Timelines to lay flat so I am hoping to go get them laminated. I also want to finish up our school library that I have been working on forever! As always I will get some school materials made whenever it fits into the schedule, I try very hard to just focus on life and my training on the weekends. I usually have my plan of tactics for the following school week before I go to bed on Thursday nights. This helps me to get materials ready that I may have to get while out on the weekend and figure out what am I laminating or preparing each night. Yes, I like to put  a lot more energy into the work week so I can relax a bit on the weekends.

                Maps and Timelines are from Classical Academic Press.                                                 

Places we're going and people we're seeing....
On Saturday we will have a big breakfast dining out with family to celebrate birthdays in February. Since Michelle's 15th birthday is next Thursday we are going shopping right after breakfast. There are things that she knows she wants so we'll be celebrating before the actual birthday. Thursday is a school day which means I work so there won't be big plans on that day, although there are plans in a making to go see a late night movie(PG). Which means I may let them skip school on Friday. Michelle can make this day up by going to the Academy on Monday. Michelle loves the idea of celebrating her birthday over a week's time:)

Some links to share....
The pictures you see are of some activities that Ken and DJ did today. To see what they did all week click on the days of the week.

A quote to share....
" Social grace, inner discipline and joy. These are the birthright of the human being who has been allowed to develop essential human qualities. " - Dr. Marie Montessori

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  1. A Root beer float sounds awesome! It is freezing here today too, butI would take one!

  2. I always eat cold foods on the coldest days ;) And I love hot soup in the middle of summer! Go figure!

    Were your timelines rolled up? If so, I have decent success rolling such backwards from the way they came, insert back into the tube they came in, or a paper towel tuber or even just a few rubber bands. Let sit a few hours and test them. Too long and they want to stay rolled the other way ;)

    The other thing I've one (if I have very thin items) is to mount them on poster-board.

    Worse comes to worse, I'll use heavy objects in the corners when showing them ;) We have a basket of smooth rocks specifically for that purpose :)

    I hope you can get them flat somehow! They look great!

  3. I'm inspired by your empathetic attitude to DJ's running in circles. We had to stay inside this week, too, and I gave a lot of reminders to walk. I'm realizing it probably would have been better for everyone if I had empathized and redirected that energy into something else.

    I love the idea of planning the next school week by Thursday, too. I'm always impressed by how organized you are!

    Thanks for letting us into your head this week, and for linking up :)


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