Thursday, January 31, 2013

Daily Report: I Wish We Could Go Outside

It is so cold ! I can tell my kids need to get outside!! Tomorrow more snow, but we refuse to catch the winter blues.

 DJ worked with the Checkerboard today and was pleased that he was able to accurately remember how to use it.
        Ken staying focused on completing her long division project.                  

 Language works consisted of copywork, and Latin roots.
      DJ decided to write the words in his language journal.
Ken begin making a definition booklet of internal organs by copying the Internal Organs booklets from Montessori Print Shop
 DJ was going to do some figure drawing, but instead ended up being intrigued by the book.

         More work with the stomach model..                            
They pulled some work out of the Egypt Game box.
                                                    DJ's sketching of King Tut
                                                               Ken did a coloring page.

                                                     Dolls from Around the World cards.                            
   And DJ ended the day researching more about Ball Pythons.

Looking forward to tomorrow with higher temps and some snow fun.                                                                            


  1. I empathize with you! We've been stuck inside for what seems like eons now with both kids sick one after another! Lots of good work at your place though! We are reading all that we can now that we are stuck indoors!

  2. Oh, I hope you can get outside soon. Tomorrow is looking like an inside day for us - never ideal!

    I love Ken's definition booklet! A really great byproduct of the way you do school, I imagine, is that your kids probably understand their unique learning styles really well, and are able to transform that knowledge into excellent study skills. It's neat to see how they reinforce new information for themselves.


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