Friday, January 18, 2013

The Kindergarten Corner~ Winter Week 2

Reading and writing was the focus of most of Janessa's learning this week. This was not in my plan, but apparently in Janessa's plan:) She really took to the new works in the language area and thoroughly enjoyed doing Write Shop activities.

Janessa has made major improvements in blending sounds this week. One activity that I would give credit to the success is the All About Spelling activity when the child uses bingo chips as they sound out the word. For every sound they move a bingo chip. Of course none of this would be working if she wasn't ready for it.,
      These Word Wheels from Montessori Print Shop were a hit too.                                                                      

Never in my life before have I seen a child love copywork as much as Janessa does. Above we had just finished doing a guided writing lesson and she wanted to copy it!

Another worksheet activity from Write Shop that she loved, loved, loved.

 In math she learned some new vocabulary the plus sign and the equal sign. Janessa also worked with cards and counters identifying odd and even numbers . Janessa also completed her usual run down with the Golden Bead Material, identifying money and its value of the dime, penny, nickel, and quarter. Her favorite math work right now I think is the Tally Mark work.                                                                        
Janessa requested some Human Body work when she saw Ken working with some material.

  She has been looking through this wonderful picture book a lot since I have read it to her.                                                                            

We worked on identifying and naming the parts of the hand with this printable from Montessori for Learning.
 Janessa also did a lot of pin punching, using the body outline from the Human Body Starter Unit from Montessori Print Shop.  She was tickled with the variety of colors available.                                                                      

   Enjoyed every bit of the Africa continent tray, to learn more about our beginning discoveries of Africa go here.

    And she can't enough of erupting the volcano.        



  1. I'm visiting from the preschool corner linky. Loved seeing what your daughter is learning!

  2. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to eave a comment.

    I admire that you see the love I have Janessa! Janessa is not my daughter, I known been her child care provider since she was one years old! Yes I love her and I am passionate about teaching her just like one of my daughters:)

  3. I wanted to add that I am blessed that Janessa's mother shares her with me! Also her mother works side by side with me in the classroom as my assistant who comes with many talents.

  4. Her fine motor skills are so good for a Kindergartener! Her handwriting is beautiful!

  5. I always look forward to hearing more about Janessa's journey!

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