Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Reptile Expert?

Do you have a child that knows more on a subject matter than you? DJ is proof that if you allow a child to follow their passions that Yes! they will know more than you.

 He knows his reptiles pretty well. If you got a minute he'll rattle off about twenty facts easily.

 I guess being his sister who is around him twenty four seven has it advantages. Like learning about Snakes even when your not interested because your little brother is constantly asking you to play a game about snakes every chance he can get.                                                                                                                                                      

 DJ knows his parts of animals very well, especially the animals that he is fond of. Oh! Give him a food chain challenge and he is game. I think I am going to show him how to give presentations and hand over teaching zoology lessons to him. I think he would love this!

Last night he actually asked me for a hedgehog that he found free on Craigslist.
Sorry Babe, but there is not enough room in the inn.
Total pet count
3 dogs
2 guinea pigs
1 snake
1 bearded dragon
1 turtle
1 leopard gecko
How did this happen? LOL.




  1. Hedgehogs are so cute. I can understand your wanting to put a limit on it at this point, though. His snake is very pretty.

  2. Guinea pigs... I'm jealous right there. My first pet was a guinea pig and my son and I both want one... as soon as we move to our own home, it will happen!

    No better way to learn a subject than by teaching it ;)

  3. Love that he has become so interested! So much more fun to teach and learn with someone who is passionate. Tell me about these food chain challenges? We aren't there yet, but they sound so neat!

    1. It all started when he did the free download Sun Game work available at www.learningark.blogspot .com

      Then when he got his snake he began investigating their predator and prey. Now he chooses the animal he goes from the predator all the way to the sun.


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