Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Checkerboard Love

When I looked in his direction I could see the look in his eye.

"Can you show me how to do this?"

I answered his question in a round about way. "How do you feel about the Large Bead Frame" I asked. "Oh I have been working on writing the notations of the problems like if you have the number 530 you write 0  for units, then 30 for the ten place and 500 for hundreds" he replied. " Lets's give it a go!" I said.

 Setting up the problem with the tiles.
7 times 5 equals 35. One five bar in the units place and One 3 bar in the tens place.
 "Now lets see"  7 times 8 equals 56. That will be a 5 bar in the tens and a 6 bar in the ones. Just like checkers you bring it down diagonally(regrouping).
The answer is 595. Can you see it?  DJ was ecstatic when he solved the equation. He talked his way all the way through it.

Of course he had to record the problem on paper too, his idea not mine..

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