Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: Winter Week 2~2013

Goal setting has proved to be a great motivator with Ken and DJ this week. After being off from school for a couple of weeks I was afraid that they would lose their rhythm. They didn't miss a beat! Take a look.

For math Ken wanted to gain more confidence in long division work. She worked extensively with the equation cards and from the smiles on her face after finishing her math sessions I think she is on her way to accomplishing this goal. DJ took off with his memorization of division and multiplication facts. Mastered! Now he must continue to use it so he won't lose it. 
Both of them set goals to write more in journals, expand their oral vocabulary, add all the arrows to the Reading Analysis work, and follow the writing process.
 This week they reviewed the different sounds of "ough", dictated sentences to each other, and learned how to write new sentences with a few new arrows.
                                                   Ken working with Reading Analysis work.                          

They truly dedicated a lot of time to their human body study.

They had a blast creating animal and plants cell models, looking at different cells in the microscopes and recording the findings.

  Sensorially learning the parts of the stomach and heart was so much fun to them.
DJ also had fun being "quizzed" on some of his knowledge while using the Tag reader.
Their goals for geography and history were to know state capitals, more Timeline of Life research, and learn more about history( specifically history when the first humans arrived:)

We did lots of read alouds that helped them in their quest, and map work was done.

             Ken did a whole lot of stitching of the states.
DJ learned more about the history of fire.
 All three of them have been spending their time on their popcorn business it looks like next Friday will be Grand Opening Day.

Nothing like learning about money while starting your own business, the book is a good read too. They have referred back to this book for many important business decisions:)      

Besides school work these kiddos have been helping out in the classroom with the preschoolers as well.
 Looks like the buzz word this week was goals. I think we'll use that word again next week.

How was your week? Did you set any goals? Please share in the comments I would love to hear about it.  

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  1. I love that they set their own goals. I am so impressed with the depth and breadth of your school.

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  3. You all seriously have such a great week! I need to figure out how to encourage more self driven exploration here.


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