Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Report: The Magic Square

Ah, let's see what they did today.

They started out their work period flashing each other Latin Root Cards. This is a review item, more information to come. What the kids love about them so far is the wonderful pictures that gives you a good clue about what the root meaning is of the word.  They have many different ways to use these cards today they did them flashcard style.
Ken and DJ were immediately attracted to them when they saw them on the shelf, and I was too when I opened the package. This review also includes a set of Greek root cards, so Yes more language fun.  

One of today's focused subjects was science. They measured their Digestive System.
Using the Trusty Handy Dandy Evan Moor resource book they followed the directions by using string to measure different body parts that were comparative to the length of the digestive system.
  It was impossible for me to take a picture of the whole string model, I hope you get the point of this lesson. They had fun with this assignment and learned tons about the digestive system.

They ended their work period with the three of us coming together to learn about the Magic Squares. In my school days I had never heard of such a thing, but I know from some of the schoolager's homework that it is a part of a study in the public schools here. I was intrigued by this when I saw it, and was happy, happy,happy when I saw this work in our Math By Hand kit.       

Included in the kit is a story about how the Magic Square was discovered on a turtle in Ancient China, after reading the story they were excited to discover the Magic Square.

All of the supplies came with the kit to make the Magic Squares work. First they wrote the numbers 1-50 on pieces of paper
Then I used the foamed squares to set up the pattern in a checkerboard style.
Then they manipulated the numbers so they could have a square when all the rows horizontally, vertically, and diagonally equals the same number.
 This magic square shows the Magic number of 15 which was found on the turtle in Ancient China. The work is all set up for further exploration on the math shelf.

 The Magic Square exercise inspired DJ to do a Form Drawing of a square.

    They rest of their day was spent making presents for their Papa's birthday.                                                                                              


  1. LOVE the Latin root cards. I just bought something like that for English vocabulary. I'll be getting the Latin ones someday as well! It is great to see another Montessori family interested in Latin.

  2. Love magic squares! I remember doing them in the good old days back in India! Cute valentine embroidery!

  3. Those Latin cards ARE neat! We're studying Latin, but using a pretty typical work-books and flashcard set-up (he makes the flashcards as we go; I have him answer the questions orally and do a bit of writing with dry-erase on page protectors, so he can do it again later). We have a music CD to go with it (church hymns). Not pure Montessori, but for now it works ;)


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