Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Writer's Corner

My kids really love Write Shop right now they are doing Write Shop Junior Level D. They have completed three lessons since September doing each lesson over a three week period. I set up a Writer's Corner so that they could now do this work independently with three lessons under their belt working with me.
I hung up two wall filing systems so that they would be able to visually and physically recognize the steps in the writing process, also this helps me to know what step they are on too. The posters are reminders of the Writing Process. The focus of Lesson four is a study of Pronouns so I posted that poster too as a reminder of what their word study focus is. 

On each pocket I have written the steps of the five steps in the writing process. Sorry that I wasn't able to take a picture of the folders in their entirety. They  will place their writing folders in the pocket that they are on in the writing process. I forgot to take pictures of their writing folders which contains their journal prompts and brainstorming sheet.

They will be writing a Science Fiction story for lesson 4. I have given them a deadline of  four weeks to finish the assignment. I am sure as they get better at this they will need less time to finish the lesson. I am not a rusher!! I go for neatness, and completeness of the task at hand.  This set up only works the way I vision it if they correctly place their folders in the correct step. I will be able to see their time management skills quickly and also know when I need to give a skill builder lesson which is a very important component in  the Write Shop program. Also I would like to add that before they begin the writing component we always do Guided Writing together.

 Their first step in their Write Shop lesson is to make a grammar folder that will stay in the Tools section of the hanging folders which they use as a reference.

On the shelf I also have the Pronouns grammar box. I purchased this download from Montessori Print Shop.
This box includes work in personal, demonstratives, and relatives&interrogatives. I will switch the work out once they have mastered them for more pronoun work.  

This week Janessa will start Write Shop Primary A . At this level it is more about her dictating to me and guided writing together. I know she will be excited about this, she is a writer and an artist!  I can't wait to see what she does with this work!!                                                        

 Our first lesson is on Animals. We will be doing a new lesson every two weeks. The lesson focus is on Getting Started With Write Shop and  Writing a Sentence.  
 Janessa will use the Tool section of the folders too. In the tools sections she will have these Read, Trace, Glue and Draw sheets from here  that are FREE!! There isn't any pressure from me for her to do this work, but I am pretty sure that she will want to:)
 I got the idea and the printables from here for this CVC activity. Inside the hearts are CVC words that are cut apart and then the child arranges them to form the word.
On the recording sheet the child writes the word and then draws it. Janessa will have fun with this she loves to draw!! The recording sheets are kept in the tools section.
On the bottom of each heart I wrote a number and the word for her to use as a control of error.

I also have plans to play the Noun Game with Janessa that Ken and DJ are going to participate in so that I can have a group for this presentation.


  1. Look at all the great activities you are doing in English! I love the wide variety to provide. I always learn something from each of your posts.

  2. Thank you, Phyllis! I am so happy to hear that you learn something from us since I learn tons from your family.

  3. I love seeing what you all are up too! To recognize how much I appreciate your blog; I am nominating you for a Liebster Award! Please visit my post for details:

    1. Thank you! I am very honored that you thought of me!!

  4. This is great! We love Write Shop, too! Thank you for sharing your ideas!


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