Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daily Report: Janessa's Back!!

Our days this week seem to be flying by!

Today the kids showed me that they have a good understanding of the days of Creation. They can tell you the day what was created on no matter how you word it. Our Bible Study curriculum has been going strong and it is still excitedly accepted by all.    

                                                   Creation Cards are from Godly Play Resources.

   This week's memory verse is Genesis 1:27

The kids take learning the verses very seriously and expect a quiz on them as well throughout the day.
        Understanding God created man in his own image.

There was some really great work in the Geography department.

 Both Ken and DJ completed a worksheet about the relative location of Africa. It was a great assignment learning about longitude and latitude.
 All of their worksheet assignments while learning about Africa come from this workbook.

                                             DJ is helping Janessa review N,E,S,W.
 Janessa really liked learning about a Map Key.
 She decided to copy the Map Key and did a great job. What also was learnt during her copy work was reading different fonts. The "a" threw her off a bit.
 DJ made command cards in hopes that him and Janessa will play a game with the map tomorrow.

Also all three of them had fun making an African Habitat for the animals. The preschoolers enjoyed this work when it was finished too.

  The supplies and one of our popular books that we read today.                                                                              

         Math was the usual, but I am so happy that they get it done everyday!  
   Ken worked more with binomial equals and multiplying decimals.
Doing Magic square came DJ busy for awhile, I think he is hooked!

  Janessa worked on writing the equal sign , this was at her request.

We were really happy to have Janessa back after being gone over a week.

And Janessa was happy to be back too, especially when she saw some Valentine related work on the shelf.                                                                      



  1. I love seeing the Godly Play story! Do you think the first Great Lesson complements it? Have the kids compared the two in any way?

  2. The First Great Lesson really got them into the creation of man which led me desperately looking for a Bible Study.

    These kids undoubtedly believe there is a God and I think they found him through the Timeline of Life.

    They have a hard time believing considering the evolution theory:) And now they say God made me in his image, we could always think, and love.

    So, Yes I definitely feel that the First Great Lessons compliments it, but they didn't start seeing how they could compare the two until the Second great Lesson the Coming of Life, and The Coming of Man inspired learning about the Days of Creation. It is wonderful that these stories led them in this direction, because before when I tried to introduce them to Bible Stories most of the time it went in one ear and out the other.

    I also learned that just like Dr. Montessori said each Great Lesson should follow each other as soon as possible so that the connections can be made by the child. It is not necessary to sit and wait while they absorb each Great Lesson as a individual one.

  3. Isn't it fascinating to note that when you had that map work ready to be cut, the kids ran like it was the plague? ;) And NOW, DJ is making additional related work, from scratch, for it ???

    Legoboy will do this - and I usually point out (I try to be quiet but observant about it) that it's interesting he'll do the exact same thing if it's HIS idea, so yes he DOES like doing those things I pick out for him - it's just timing. He is s.l.o.w.l.y. coming around to "ok, I'll do this now because I know I like to do it, even though I'm not "excited" about it right now." Did I mention SLOWLY ;) I hope it picks up pace some day ;)

    1. LOL. That is exactly what I was thinking when I showed Janessa the work and then here comes DJ right behind me.

  4. Thanks to the links to the Godly Play site. I hadn't found that one!! Now, if only I could justify buying the tabernacle ;).

  5. I'm storing up all your wonderful geography ideas for our study of Africa over the summer! Keep up the good work, and any other Africa study ideas you want to send my way will be gratefully received!!

  6. Thanks as well for the link! It looks like everyone had a very busy day!

  7. You do an amazing job! That is such a great day, I only wish our days were as productive!

  8. I am hearting the African habitat. Soooo cute!

  9. LOVE this! What great ideas - I'm definitely bookmarking this for our trip around the world study!

  10. You ladies are awesome! So blessed to be your Crew Mate!!

  11. It seems as if you have fostered a love of learning in the kids as well as of themselves which is a-mazing!


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