Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Egypt Game

I have been able to get a little ahead in my lesson planning due to a lighter work week. I would like to use this time to share and document what is to come.

Next week they will start their new reading book. I am so excited about this book! Have you ever read it? It is good! Two girls who just meet find out that they both love Egypt and begin a game called The Egypt Game, others start joining in and then it becomes a thriller. This is the best way I can describe the book without telling the story:)

I know Ken and DJ are going to want to play their own Egypt Game too, so I put together an Egypt Game box for them. Would you like to know what is inside?
 Lift The Lid On The Mummies. You must have a mummy with all of it organs in order to play the Egypt Game.                                                                        

     All sorts of goodies from the the Dover Fun Kit.      
 And you must be able to read Hieroglyphs to stay in the game! This work will actually be on the language shelf.

I think this book might become a favorite of two kids I know.

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  1. That really is a great book!, Can't wait to hear how Ken and DJ like it!

  2. Those mummies are cool!So many good tools.

  3. Ancient Egypt is such a fun subject to study. Look at all that great stuff you have to explore!

  4. I think Egypt was our most favourite culture to study. It is also the one we revisit the most. Next time we revisit I'm going to steal all these ideas and do a similar thing!!


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