Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Report: Discovering Egypt

Today was a snow day for the public schools. I just had one schoolager, Mumble who left at noon time show up today. I am really missing Janessa and the preschoolers. Janessa was out all last week and most of the preschoolers too. We continued on with school just a lighter day getting the basics done for sure.

DJ was delighted to share his learning time with Mumble who always likes to follow DJ around anytime he can.

We completed our first chapter in the book The Egypt Game. The title of the chapter is called "Discovering Egypt", which is the inspiration for the title of this post.

They had a grand time going through The Egypt Game box.

 They enjoyed  the hieroglyphs stamps while making words. The boys had fun with the masks, and researching who these people were. They also completed a worksheet learning about the overview of Africa, where is Africa compared to the other continents,etc.

              Then onto to Maths.

Working with the division equations.
 Ken worked on multiplying decimals. She really enjoyed shopping at the candy store which reinforced all the math processes. You can find this work here.                         
                            DJ showing Mumble some Form Drawing work.                                                  

They finished up their first lesson in their Bible Study curriculum- which was about the days of creation. They love reciting their memory bible verse Genesis1:1 . We then explored some of the maps and timelines they will be using with their Bible Study.

I will share more about them as soon as I get all of the maps and timelines to lay flat. They were rolled in a tube, right now I have some glass over them in hopes that they lay flat soon. Anyways, they were really excited about them, especially since they saw Egypt on one of the maps.


  1. We'll be right over!....I wish!

    Looks like a great day and great work! Keep posting about those. I'm VERY nosy about them.

  2. Egypt was our favorite part of Ancient History too! Love the masks!

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  4. It's so nice to watch these kids having fun on what they're doing. Egypt is the perfect place to explore.


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