Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Trip to Barnes & Nobles and a Bible

Yesterday we went to a special event at Barnes & Nobles, they were introducing the new American Girl Doll Saige.

 They had all sorts of neat stuff to give the girls who arrived.
 Fun games too! In the picture above they are having a boat race by blowing on them. Lucky for Ken my niece attended too. It seems that everything Ken is interested in there are never girls there her age. I am blessed that my soon to be 12 year old still loves dolls, dolls dolls!!
      Here are Ken's and my niece's dolls all dressed up for the occasion.    

When the event was over I used the time to have the kids choose a Bible, DJ did gravitate towards the Adventures Bible that My Boy's Teacher  mentioned in one of her postings, but when DJ opened up it and saw the small print he moved on just like My Boy's Teacher did:)  Kids love large print not just because it is easier to read, but it makes the pages not seem so wordy or so long.            

After looking through every Bible that was not wrapped in plastic they decided on the bible pictured above. It met their goals, it had large print and beautiful pictures.

I really wanted them to pick a Bible over the weekend because I received a review item that I am just giddy about .
 I'll share more about it as we use it and of course sum it all up in the review. For now I will say I never knew that there was a Bible study curriculum for children that was so educational and fun at the same time. This is just my opinion, but I will say that DJ was ready to get started right away. There are timelines and maps that go long with this set that I ordered and can't wait to get my hands on.

Michelle attended kindergarten through third grade at a Catholic school. I got this book along with three boxes of books when her teacher offered them to me when the school decided to close. I am placing this book in their book basket this week.
 Do you want to hear something funny? Since I woke up late I didn't go to church this morning. My mom came and picked up the kids for me so they could still make it to Sunday school.  When the kids came home they saw this.

                                                Work for the Preschoolers and Janessa

They all quickly asked my mom if they could stay the night at her house. They know the drill! Get some scissors PLEASE!! My mom said Yes! She was clueless why their excitement level went up because they never commented on the lamination it was a secret code just between us I guess(or they don't realize I can read body language:). Lucky Ducks got out of cutting today! It is all good because sometimes we really do need a healthy break from each other.                                                               



  1. I just added that book to my Amazon list. Noodle and I are using the CAP OT 1 book you are about to review. We reviewed the NT 1 last crew year and I loved it so much I bought OT. I can't wait to finish and get back to the NT books.

    Have fun!

  2. I thought this was the Bible study you were using.

    This is really a neat book! Fortunately I have been slowing organizing our books and came across this gem. I am gad it isn't out of print.

  3. Fun! I can't wait to hear more about that Bible study. I am still looking for a good one for next year. That is a nice Bible! We didn't come home with that one because the reading level is higher than the one we bought. With your kids being older it is probably a good fit. Have fun!


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