Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Intro to the Fundamental Needs of Man~ Clothing

This is actually my doll. Isn't she beautiful?  I brought her from Target with a gift certificate I got for Christmas.

 Her name is Rahel and she is from Ethiopia.
She came with a passionate story about how her mother volunteered to go miles away from home to become certified in medicine so other people in Ethiopia might not die from Malaria. Rahel is part of the Hearts For Hearts Girls Collection there are six girls from different continents with true stories. When you purchase one part of the money goes to a program called World Vision, a program that helps girls in the country you buy.

Recently Ken has been harassing asking me to take her out of the box, so she could touch it. Today was the day, I am so glad I did! The next thing I know Ken is engrossed  with the doll and starts drawing it.

 Her point of interest was Rahel's clothing.

  Hmmm? I think it's time to bust out the Fundamental Needs of Man Work, Clothing to be exact!!
   I have been waiting for this work to be done. Stay tuned..


  1. Yes, she is pretty! I love their mission too.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Oh wow!! I'd not heard of the dolls and we love World Vision. We will have to get some of these girls!! Thanks for the tip!


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