Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: Winter Week 3

Is is Friday already? This week went by so fast. As usual the kids stayed busy and excited about their work choices and continued to work on their goals.

The Writing Corner has gotten a lot of attention. On Tuesday they requested to do their skill builder lesson with Write Shop. The lesson focus was adding details to the story. They made sandwiches using paper cut outs of of construction paper.
They did a journal prompt to reinforce the lesson. 
This was a cool lesson for them . They think of cheese, lettuce and tomatoes when they need to add more details to their writing.
  They also started their study of pronouns.                                                                    
 Ken spent a lot of time working on the pronoun box. The pronoun work can be purchased at Montessori Print Shop
 For math DJ did a lot of multiplication with the Bead Chains and Large Bead Frame. Also he received his first presentation of the Checker Board.
 Ken worked mostly with her Long Division Movie Marathon project and every now and then I would see her with the Decimal Board.                                                                        
 History and Geography was completed through read aloud time in our book  A Little History of the World by Gombrich and Story of the World Volume 1. Ken did more work with the Timeline of Life and DJ worked with the Europe puzzle.  
 More History and Geography was covered with their own twist.
Clothing from Around the World has Ken very giddy. It was inspired by this beautiful doll I posted about here.  In the photo above she made a hat for one of her dolls.

  The sticker book by Usborne has been a wonderful addition in this area.  

DJ has been doing a study of snakes around the world.                                                                      

DJ has been encouraging Ken to learn more about snakes too.
On Wednesday she overcame her fear of snakes! They were both proud of this accomplishment. DJ says " We have another snake lover in the house." 
   This week the study of the Human Body led to learning about Microbes.                                                                          
 They took a piece of bread and rubbed it gently on the carpet and then placed one half of wet and dry bread in baggies to observe what will happen to the bread over the next 14 days.
Parts of the heart cards from Montessori Print Shop.
                                      Research of the brain that I posted about here.

Well this wrap ups most of our week. I hardly ever include Fridays in our wrap ups because it is usually a day of fill in the gaps. For example we finished reading the book Phineas Gage yesterday, always the next day after completing a book they write a book report. Today though it is the Grand Opening of their popcorn business so they are full of energy and popping away.

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  1. Look at all the learning that took place!

    1. Thanks Phyllis! I love doing the wrap-ups. I always feel more ready to get ready for the next week, sometimes it takes a photo of two to remind me of what they have learned for the week.

  2. Wow what a INSPIRING and Busy week!!! Love all the works, and of course learn from you, to be ready!!lol It's that snake its real???????????

    1. Karen, where have you been? LOL. This weekend go ahead and sit down with your favorite choice of drink and catch up:) Here's a post that will give you a quick update on the many live pets in our home.

      Thank for stopping by my friend.

  3. As usual your week was awesome! I might have asked before, but where do you buy your materials? I really want to take a look at the grammar program.

    Yay for overcoming fear of snakes. It has been years for me and I am still not interested in holding any of them!

    1. Most of the grammar materials are from Alison's Montessori or KidAdvance.

      I held the snake once! I haven't had enough nerves since I watched it eat!!

  4. Great week! You are like my little Jiminy Cricket reminding me that I am pathologically avoiding my grammar sequence. I know the reason is simply that it is the only sequence I didn't make my own materials for...they were a hand-me-down. So, I am not as comfortable with what is in there. Maybe if I organize it or laminate it or something it will sink in to my consciousness....I better get movin'! I love the variety in their work as always!

  5. Hey, your life from this moment on will never be the same! You've been nominated for...a Liebster Award! ;-) Okay, it's some chain letter blog thing, intended to introduce readers to other small-readership blogs. Since I liked this post so much, I nominated you. The way to accept is pass it on. You can get the full scoop on my "acceptance" post:

  6. Love your weekly wrap ups! I am going to follow suit now! I love that you guys are enjoying the WriteShop program. I've been eyeing that for a long time... we might add that in next year. Love all the grammar box work. Is that Montessori print shop? Also your grammar box looks different, any reason? The microbes study has inspired us to get out the bacteria and fungi magic school bus kit! Though we live in the same state, I wish we lived closer!

  7. The grammar box is something that I picked up from Target. I should have linked the grammar work to Montessori Print Shop. I am going to do that right now!!

    Thank you for all your words of encouragement!!

  8. Another knock out week! Thanks for visiting my blog this week.

  9. Looks like a great week, I love the bread experiment.

  10. There's always so much work going on at your house that I'd like to spend some time doing myself ;) I could use a refresher on the parts of the heart anyway. Not so much on the bread experiment - ha! I'm sure it will be fascinating.


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