Saturday, January 26, 2013

We Had Snow Much Fun!!

The weather was in their favor today. It snowed last night and the roads were clear this morning, which made it a perfect day to go sledding.

When I looked up at the hill, I thought am I insane?  I did a quick prayer that we would leave with no broken bones.                        
 They raced up the hill like they were ready to conquer the world.
             Here they are screaming, yelling, and giggling.
 Do your kids know that they really are in charge of your life? DJ kept purposely wiping out, man I think I might have to pay somebody to take them sledding again. LOL    

After they went down the hill maybe twenty times or so I could tell my prayers were answered, even I joined in on the fun:)

This wasn't there first time going sledding, it is my first time taking them. I always thought Dads are better at this kinda of stuff, at least for me.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Baby steps to letting go of fears and not holding back my kids because of them.


  1. Are you kidding me! That tie-dye sled is the EXACT sled Kal-El was on when he broke his foot! Prayers were a great plan! Check out this post

    followed by this one:

    Lol! We still use the sled and had a lot of fun on it this year:

  2. We have had snow since November, it takes a long time to get out the door!sometimes we became unmotivated because the weather gets too cold up here in Alaska, but some other times we really need to go outdoors even if is cold, snowy or icy...nothing better than fresh air.

  3. Your blog banner of Michelle is absolutely priceless! Good for you getting them outside and not leaving it to Dad- I guarantee that these will be some of their happiest memories someday.

  4. I want some...SNOW! My kids are still hoping and praying for snow to come to our neck of the woods. They were probably spoiled since it snowed every winter for the 1st 3-4 years of their lives. But the truth is, in this part of GA it only snows about every 5-7 crossed.

    I agree with you about the Dad comment. My husband makes for such a better playmate than I do and my girls know it!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    And yes...that hill looks steep so kudos to you Mom!


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