Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: Winter Week 6

This week went by fast and ended with me feeling tired and overwhelmed. Just too much to do and not enough time! The kids did their lessons well all week long and kept me motivated to keep pushing on.

 They are so good at making work of  their own to do. Greek and Latin roots flashcards are becoming one of their favorite materials to work with. I thought I would never see the day that they would use the dictionary without me requesting them to do so. They used the dictionary to find examples of words that included the root words.

They are still diligently working on writing their science fiction stories. The pronoun grammar boxes haven't been touched in awhile, but for the most part Language activities have been a huge hit, especially the Chinese Brush Painting and the Morse Code work has been a close second. We are getting there and I realize that that there isn't enough time in their day either.

Ken put on her Math cap this week and feels confident about doing Long Division. DJ did a hodgepodge of math works. He worked on multiplication with the Checkerboard, naming the different types of triangles, and worked on the division charts.
In history and geography they learned about the Nile River, parts of the river, who was Queen Nefertiti, and labeled the map of Africa.


On Thursday we celebrated Michelle's 15th birthday!

    We had a small family party at Pizza Hut.

All she really wanted for her birthday was her nails done:) and a gold ring,

 The little brother thought she should have a diamond ring and talked me right into buying it for her when we were shopping.  Michelle got other things as well but these two things were what she wanted the most.

I forgot to have her finger sized before shopping for a ring and was happy it fit perfectly. We went shopping for the ring on Thursday afternoon, because of the car window issue. Ken had her finger sized and I noticed her hands were swollen, her ring size was a 10. I didn't know what to make of it at the time, but when we got home after celebrating Michelle's birthday she showed me her feet, which were swollen. I panicked and then Ken and I spent the rest of the night in the ER room. There wasn't much they could do but run some test and agreed that her hands and feet were swollen.  We have to go to her primary care doctor on Monday for more test, because of blood showing up in her urine, and they thought her blood pressure should be at a lower number. Some of these issues may just be due to hormonal changes. I'll be sure to update you on her health, but right now she is doing just fine and eating much healthier than she has all week.

Not only did the kids get school off today, but I got a real treat due to the snow and got a day off too. We all slept in until afternoon today!!                                                                                                                                    

I actually drove around town for two days before finding a decent price on getting the window fix, and the scare I got from Ken's swollen hands has got me a bit uptight.

                                                        Touch Math (a review item) for Janessa.

  The Discovery of Deduction: A Introduction to Formal Logic ( a review item) for Michelle.

                     A Mommy and Daughters fundraising  project.                                                   

Not to mention how I need to fit these activities all in next week's schedule. Looks like I 'll be spending extra time planning this weekend, especially since I wasn't able to get my planning done on Thursday night.

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  1. What a beautiful ring! Happy Birthday Michelle! (What beautiful fingernails you have, Michelle!) I have a 15 year old, too (Sam). It is such a blessing that they can make their own work to do. I hope Ken's medical issues get resolved soon. I love all the new materials you always show us.

  2. Nice ring! I love the Greek and Latin flash cards. We will be doing that logic review too- how did you get yours already?!?!

  3. I hope they find out what is going on quickly and the cure is better than the symptoms ;)

  4. So, so glad you got a day off! Well deserved! Birthday, and healthy wishes to Michelle. Everything sounds stressful, but also like it's under control. Definitely keep us posted!


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