Thursday, February 7, 2013

Geography: A Blast from the Past-Current

Here's a post from my other blog that was written a few years ago.


                                      Continent Work

 DJ  has been working on the Africa map puzzle for about a week now. He tends to choose to do this work last. I asked him why, he said "I just want to work on Africa when it is quiet". I love DJ's work ethics anything that he is interested in he always wants to do his very best.

                                                  Africa Map Puzzle

DJ  is very happy with the shape of Africa. DJ works with this puzzle and completes it multiple times a day

Using the control chart to trace the map of Africa.

Proudly showing me his traced map work. It is 10:00 p.m, he is working while I am working waiting on the last child to leave for the day.

Coloring the map he traced.

Writing the names of the countries using the control chart.

Along with working on the map puzzle. DJ has been independently reading Lions at Lunchtime . This is a book by Mary Pope Osbourne a part of her Magic Tree House series. Now he is also learning about the different animals that live in Africa.  I am happy that his interest is growing beyond the map puzzle. It looks like we may be doing a lot of work on the continent of Africa.

This is what he did today.

 Using the map from the above book , he used a blackline master of Africa and labeled the countries.

When I saw him doing this work it was a great reminder to me that it is best to take it slow versus trying to jam pack everything it! They will get there!!

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  1. Wonderful work. He looks so happy doing it. I love how your students really own their work.

  2. Wow DJ you're an ARTIST!!! LOVE YOUR WORK!! Thanks for share it!!


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