Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: Winter Week 8

Here's  a look into the kids work week.

Ken completed her reading of Helen Keller and wrote a biography report that I forgot to take a picture of. We took Monday off from school which made getting into the work week a bit hard, but I definitely enjoyed the short time off. We are still reading The Egypt Game the kids have already asked if we can reread this even though we haven't finished reading the whole book yet. It is a good book and it is worth reading again, especially since they know more about Egypt and can understand some of the references to Egypt better.

    DJ worked with our Pronoun Grammar box a lot this week!!

 He has also starting reading a book about Thomas Edison so that he can do a biography report like Ken did.                                                                  

They love cultural works and it is fun to see them learning so much in a way that they enjoy it and retain the information.

Animals of Africa three part cards. I remember when DJ really disliked these types of cards. Now he says he loves them because they help him pay closer attention. I did not have all of the animal cards in the envelope at once and I think this helped him too, it didn't seem so overwhelming. 

Ken working on the Africa Map Puzzle. 

 Dr. DJ performed routine check ups on all of the pets on Tuesday. In the picture he is looking for information to see if there is a checklist to see if the guinea pigs weight is normal.  

    Both kids are getting real good at naming the parts of the heart and its' function.   

DJ continued to do more work on making his human body model.

Ken learned more about DNA.

            More fun with Animal Stories written by Ken.                                                                  

I am seeing big improvements in Math for both of them. Looks like we may be tackling Fractions shortly.

 Ken practiced lots of the math processes and really took to the Bead Frame this week. I am pleased that she took it upon herself to improve her work in multiplication paying attention to all the steps . It can get a bit  confusing when multiplying four digit numbers times four digits, she stuck with it though.                                                                    

 She has also been using the Binomial Equation Card as copywork too.

                       DJ has been working with the cubes and squares.
 And working hard on learning those division facts.                                                                            

In our Bible curriculum we have been learning about Noah and the Ark, and where the word Babel derived from. The kids had fun making these Shrinky Dinks.

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  1. I love the picture of DJ in the lab coat! He looks so much like a vet!

  2. As always reading about your kids' school work leaves me inspired! Awesome job!

  3. Are they hand drawn images done by the children in 'body parts' photo? They look great.

  4. FUN! You guys look like you're having fun :)

    Legoboy is working with the decimal fractions board now - I keep sighing as I watch him work. He's growing up!!!!

  5. I love DJ the veterinarian! I hope you keep blogging for the next decade or two so I can see what the future really holds for your three ;)

  6. I have given you a blog award...
    Have a nice day!


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