Friday, February 15, 2013

Making A Dream A Reality!!

You may want to follow my facebook page if your interested in following our journey of becoming life long learners. In the next 6 months my family will be taking some major steps ! One of them is opening up a Montessori Children's House!! I already have 18 children whose parents are hitting the pavement and helping to make this happen, I am so blessed with the amount of support I am receiving. Right now I am using any spare time I  have completing my certification and touring facilities to decide which is the best place to operate, especially location. I'll save the best details for last as soon as they are official. Just think MONTESSORI FOR ALL!!

 It is easier for me to update on Facebook and show pictures of various properties so I can still journal this journey. Here are just a few pictures of  the first building I have seen. I have many appointments lined up, just because I want the best and it is so easy to say I WANT IT, because I AM SO EXCITED!!

                  Here is the entrance way.
 Two different views of the same room.
 Different views of the kitchen area. The kitchen area is a nice size and you can enter it from the room above.

The disgusting bathrooms! LOL. Bathrooms designed this way make me wish I never went to school, seriously I can almost smell it from looking at it. In reality it was very clean, but there is much work in my opinion to make this bathroom a comfortable place. 

There are six other large classrooms in this building.           

Now let me share what happened when I visited with the property owner. We discussed how much rent is, he hikes the price up. I say what would be the term of the lease, he says it is a land contract deal. Everything he said was different then what was advertised. So I sent my secret shopper who is actually my "silent partner" who happens to be a MAN, who owns lots of properties himself to go visit. The property owner of the building not only gives him a better deal, but also includes the first six months rent for free. COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK!!  Now me and the silent partner have a deal, he sets up the appointments, checks it out, and if he thinks it is what I am looking for then we go together. 

Anyways I trust this partner of mine and I just get to look at the buildings that may meet the standards, not bad:)

There's one thing I know for sure DJ and Ken are still going to be schooling with me wherever that will be.                                                       


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  2. I am so excited for you. I know that it was be as warm and loving a school as the school now is in your home. It is a place I would want my kids to go, and I am very picky. :)

  3. Wow! This is so exciting! I will be looking forward to updates.

  4. I totally just squealed aloud in excitement for you! This is wonderful news and I am SO thrilled to follow your journey!

    I'll throw out one bit of unsolicited advice because as much as that space is GORGEOUS, shady property owner makes me think of a couple of situations that have come onto my radar lately - one involving our program and the other a friend who is opening a school. If someone gives you a bad feeling, or does something shady, do not choose to see the good or give them a chance to redeem themselves. Walk away. Heh. Maybe that doesn't apply here, but it's a lesson I'm jotting down for my own self for future reference ;)

    In any case - HOORAY! So excited to watch your smashing success!

  5. I TOTALLY agree with you!! And I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me.

  6. This is wonderful! The space I would dream of having - I am small!
    Go slow, have fun, laugh at the problems and it will all come together. I am also taking a break from cyberspace to just be.
    Don't give up no matter what stupid things arise. I am in my 26th year and I have seen some bad stuff at my door but just continue. "This too shall pass" helps me a lot and is so true. You have the drive, commitment and the talent. The students will appear.


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