Monday, February 11, 2013

Daily Report: Documenting Project Work

Today the kids with my help begin documenting their project work. I simply printed out the pictures that they or I have taken, and then they wrote on post-its what day the work occurred and what it was.



 What they liked about this was simplicity and it is something that they can look at whenever they want. It also has inspired them to want to continue to work on their projects because they now see this as "work"too.                                                                       Now they are eager to add onto the documentation portfolios.

In math DJ worked with the Division boards with the Racks and Tubes.

Ken journaled what she has learned so far with the Binomial Cube Work.  

For language Ken decided to a biography report and picked a book on Helen Keller. We read three chapters together since they are short chapters.

  Helen Keller has always intrigued her, but she has only know things about her that was shared in casual conversation. So it was interesting to her to find out that she wasn't born deaf and blind.  

DJ started to do an activity in the Hieroglyphics book, but the stamp pad needs to replaced. Next he did some reading and got really into learning about Mummies.  


We found the book Mummies Made In Egypt by Aliki at the library it is a really good book. DJ became very interested in  it which pulled me into reading it with him.
He learned what the purpose of the Canopic Jars are.

  He had much fun wrapping up the mummy, I got this idea from Inspired Montessori and Arts of Dundee Montessori.

 Ken worked with the Fundamental Needs of Man- Legal. The card material comes from Montessori for Everyone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



  1. Love the photo journaling idea! Love the Egypt projects that you are doing! That has been a favorite at our house of all the SOTW activities done so far!

  2. I love this so much! Documenting is an important part of project work, but the one I find the hardest to teach.

  3. Love that mummy!! I need to figure out how to bring more history projects into our environment. Thank you for the ideas!


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