Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Report: A Visit to the Library

More reasons to be thankful!

           Using the Chinese brush painting set to practice spelling words.
Janessa reading a story out of the Kindergarten level Hooked on Phonics book
Janessa is in heaven with all of the Valentine work available. Pin punching hearts.

DJ did spelling practice as well too.

       Labeling the Binomial Cube. This work is from Montessori for Everyone.

      Making a poster of the Triangle drawer in the Geometric Cabinet.

                                                        Doing addition with hearts.

  Using the Rectangle drawer in the Geometric Cabinet,  Janessa had to make a poster just like DJ:)
                      She requested paints and made a beautiful art piece.                                                                            
Having fun with the Nile River and the Egypt Game box.

                                                             Outside Activity
    We finally made it to the library!!

                                    Exploring books in the Animal Section.

                  Ken deciding which American Girl mystery should she take home.

                    Choosing books in the Comics Section.

                                                  Putting on a show!!    

The also did very well on their Chapter Quiz in their Bible Study.



  1. The weeks we go to the library, it is always a high light. Love the puppet show stage!

  2. I love the works they are doing with the geometric cabinet. I have to ask, do you suggest these ideas, or do they come up with them on their own?

  3. I didn't make any suggestions this time around. In the past with various works I have presented making poster board drawings of their work For Janessa it would of been when she she traced the Continent map onto poster board. DJ first did this type of thing with making patterns with the Knobless Cylinders.


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