Saturday, February 9, 2013


I am sharing a video that is part of a child development study at Michigan State University. I was present in the room for the rest of the "experiments", but was asked to go in the observation room during this part of the video. DJ was seven at the time of this video taping. He had only known this lady for approximately one hour before this part, I think this is important information to know. I cannot remember for sure what the aim of this activity was, but I think it has to do with peer pressure and how children between the ages of three and eight respond to it.  Even though he may appear at times to be looking at a camera he had no idea that he was being taped.


I could not hear when the lady had asked him to tear the picture up so I was shocked when he did so. I bet it was a great idea for me to be out of the room, because I know for sure the outcome would have been different. I had fun learning a little bit more about DJ !

Being a mother for fifteen years has taught me a lot, one thing is for sure I never say what my kids would not do whether it is good or bad, because they always pull something new out their bags everyday, and they are very different so I learn something new everyday.


  1. I have so many ideas running through my head as to what he was thinking! Oh wow. Definitely interesting. ;)

    1. (and definitely, never say never! good OR bad!) ;)

  2. My favorite part is how his whole face lights up and he smiles whenever someone enters the room :)


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