Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Daily Report: Preparing For A Party

I guess another name for the title of this post could be " A Day in the Life of DJ'. Homeboy put in  much  work, and showed me he stills loves to work on practical life skills.

 A much needed repeat of the Small Bead Frame doing 3 digit addition(dynamic) was given. DJ's deal is remembering place value. For example if the nine is in the tens place while using the frame he will forget to add the 0 to make it ninety and then it becomes confusing to him because he will do the same for the hundreds, etc.
 I think he has the hang of it now(fingers crossed).

We had fun talking about Fact vs Opinion which was a new concept for him.  We had a great discussion that I know he enjoyed. It went something like this... Tell me a fact about Ball Pythons and I will tell you my opinion about them. He stated that when Ball Pythons get nervous they form a ball shape with their body, which is a fact. I told him that in my opinion Ball Pythons are the scariest snakes in the world. Right away he caught on to what is Fact and what is an Opinion.

 He also completed this Freebie from Rulin' The Roost.

When he finished with the Fact vs Opinion sheet he reminded me that we were to make cookies for tomorrow's party.

 All on his own he made the cookies the only thing I did was take them out the oven.

Inspired by the cookies he went ahead and prepped the party games for me too!! DJ did a nice job recruiting some helpers to help him punch out the perforated hearts
 He went in my stash of trays and containers and placed the BINGO items together:)
 DJ did the same with the Pin the Heart on the Giraffes.

When the cookies were cooled he was excited and said " We should really bake everyday!". He loved frosting them even though he probably won't eat one of them.

 I love that my kids can do their own Valentines now!!

After all the party planning was done he ended his work period with working with the parts of the stomach.
   Finally at one o'clock he took his lunch break.                                                                          


  1. What a hard working boy! I don't know if you checked it out already, but I saw HomeschoolEscapade's freebie on a Valentine themed fact vs opinion. DJ might enjoy it!

  2. I love the color coding for the place value.

  3. I can't wait to show Kal-El the photos of DJ and the bead frame. He'll be happy they are both using it sometimes :)

  4. My head is spinning! It's amazing how much DJ can accomplish in one work period. I love the way vertical grouping works in your program.

    I hope the party is tons of fun!

  5. Bead frames are in the air!! Does he like using the different pens? The cookies look yummy :).

  6. Loves it! In my opinion the Small Bead Frame is a must have:)


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