Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daily Report: Fraction Challenges,Prehistoric Life And More

Loving our read aloud time. DJ asked if we could go ahead and read another chapter:) Today we discussed foreshadowing, reviewed what a protangonist is. His vocabulary is growing as well in just two days he has begun to use his favorite new word "illuminating". "Are You There God It's Me Margret" by Judy Blume is still as funny as it was the first time I read it about 27 years old, wow time sure does fly. While reading with Ken I was thinking some things just don't change no matter what decade you were raised in, some books are just classics.

DJ started his day with using his favorite liquid Vinegar Oil.

Making crystals to form on the black stuff which is charcoal. He added food coloring in hopes that the cystals will develop into the color yellow. No baking soda was actually used its just his favorite pair of science-y things. The vinegar is in the water bottle so he can have his personal stash. That way when he uses it all and has to refill he can let me know if we are getting low and need to get some more.

Ken is really involved in her butterfly studies. Here she is making Butterfly eggs, and working with Types of Butterflies three part cards from Montessori Print Shop.

While Ken was working with some fraction activity cards we noticed that she was having a difficult time identifying equivalent fractions. Ken has a good spirit and dosen't mind doing work sometimes that she has seen her younger sibling doing. In the above photos she is making a fraction booklet with the fraction insets to help her reinforce fraction names. The Fraction Metal Insets are a wonderful material, especially for teaching equivalent fractions. I love that Ken dosen't mind learning that sometimes we have to take a step back in order to go forward. When she was done working with this material Ken said "just like you say sometimes, if you don't use it you may lose it". I think it is so awesome that instead of having a negative attitiude towards not knowing something she is ready to tackle it.

DJ still plugging away with multiplication work.

Heres' another book that DJ has been fascinated with that he checked out from the library on our last visit.

About a year or so ago I brought a Safari toob of prehistoric objects. Yesterday he asked me if I could get them out for him to use again.

Last time he worked with the objects he was into labeling them, now he wants to know more about them!!

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