Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daily Report: A Treehouse

I have been working little by little on our backyard. I wish for green grass, but it an't gonna happen with the amount of shady trees we have. I also desire a backyard that craves science happenings everyday. Right now it looks neglectful and darn right depressing.
DJs' birthday is next Saturday and guess what he wants? Yup, a backyard pool party. Well it is possible for a pool, and if the weather is right it will be fun. Now I wish I could call up the Backyard Faries and poof it would become beautified and ready to go. So I have been brainstorming and shopping very cheaply for things that would fit into our ideal backyard and so far I can pull this off without busting our little to nothing budget. DJ's only gift request is a Treehouse. My first response was it is unsafe? "Oh I am a good climber and I am responsible" DJ replied. My next response was telling him I think that it is more money than I can spend right now. DJ says " I'll come up with a plan". Indeed he did, today DJ shared with me how his Treehouse can be made with no money at all.

By recycling parts of this swing set that must be taking down due to safety issues.

Here is DJ's plan.

Move the basketball hoop to the driveway and use this tree.

He wants to use the base that is suppose to be a sandbox with the green rails and build it around the tree. Then add the platform and all the fixings. DJ says he can make a canopy or a roof, he'll figure that out later.

Here is the ladder to climb up to the treehouse.

He won me over with his plans. Now he is busy making a blueprint.

I love his"It can be done" attitude and how he was able to identify resources by recycling the swing set to be used for another purpose.

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