Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Weekly Wrap Up: Learning Naturally

Learning about fractions was the focus of their math learning this week....

labeling the parts of a fraction

matching fractions to decimal

this is some work that Ken recorded in her math journal

DJ had much fun learning about physics and measurements with the catapult that he built.

There is so much more he plans to do with this so stay tuned.

Ken is sticking to learning how to play the guitar. This week she practiced keeping rhythm, still focused on learning the c chord.
One of her favorite things to do was make different combinations for the 4/4 measure and record it in her songwriting book:)

The parts of the guitar cards from Montessori Print Shop were so perfect for her interest.

DJ continued to work on some troubleshooting with his robot, and continue to work on his own invention of a robot.

We read a lot in our read alouds this week. Both of them kept asking "Can we read one more chapter?"

Ken and I read from this book that is just right for a eleven year old to understand how its' body change. We read through the parts discussing positive self esteem and also about hair care. Did you know that if gum gets stuck in your hair peanut butter can remove it?

DJ has been doing a lot of writing due to starting his very own blog. I think he was able to do three blog post this week. This is awesome for he is a reluctant writer. I just look at the keyboard as his moveable alphabet, its working!!

Learning the U.S capital cities with cards from Montessori Print Shop.

Not the best photo to share, but I will anyway. Michelle had a science fair at her school. She received a honorable mention and motivation to not do a project three days before it is due. I must say her presentation was just awesome!!

They all have spent a lot of time in the dig site.

Lots of yard work was accomplished.

It was a very productive week. I must say this week there was a lot of learning going on that just couldn't be captured on camera. The conversations that we are having are amazing. We had our first real debate it was prompted by Ken asking me who was here on earth first, DJ says God, and Michelle chimes in alright I have been meaning to ask you Did the chicken come before the egg? Alrighty then. I felt like we may have leaned a little toward unschooling. There I said it:)


  1. Another great week! I especially love the fraction work (which I have pinned for this summer.)

  2. Big work going on, as usual. It's amazing how much your children's personalities and interests shine through in the work that they choose. You're clearly pretty skilled at 'following the child.' Can't wait to hear more about the songwriting, the blogging, and the robot!

  3. Thank you so much! DJ has just a few post up but you can get a sneak peek of some happenings. Just go to the blog list and click on The Edison Project.


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