Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daily Report: Labeling Fractions and Proof Reading

Well sickness has caught up to Ken again. I believe it is the same thing an ear infection. I am waiting it out to see if it is a cold from weather changes. December, January and February she was on antibitotics. I think using antibiotics often does actually reduce the effect of its purpose. Today was a no work day for her, mainly because if she has an infection others shouldn't be exposed to it. Lots of independently reading and some journaling has still happened though.

DJ took full advantage of our read aloud time today. We read two chapters instead of one, he asked to read another one but the preschoolers were arriving and they needed my attention.

He enjoyed the Labeling Fractions work and recorded some of his work in his math journal.

These nomenclature cards can be found at Montessori For Learning . This introduction lesson was a perfect lesson for DJ, he really enjoyed it. Although he has been exposed to fractions before this was the language he was missing to continue higher work with this concept.

The lesson above went well so I went ahead and gave him the next work also avaliable at Montessori For Learning. DJ also found this work interesting and went ahead and recorded in his journal.

More math work was completed with a catapult he put together.

Did I mention that we are a family of bloggers? Ken and DJ have started their own blog. It has actually been a great way to reinforce and introduce a whole lot of language art works.

Now they are not so quick to leave work unfinished with out checking for grammar mistakes. They asked me for some editing works and today DJ did a proof reading work that I got from School Express.

The reason I chose this type of proof reading worksheet is that the stories were simple and didn't take away from what the goal was.

I laminated the answer sheets that were avaliable for the worksheets.

This allows them to check their own work.
Completed work.

Other things that DJ did during the work period.....

Hammered for rocks.

Building a robot.

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